Wednesday, May 19, 2010

honey lemon drink

ziyi was a fully breastfed baby so water was not necessary until she started her solids at 5 month old. i've no problem feeding her plain water at all. she's just like me, loves drinking lots of plain water. when i gave her ribena at around 15mth, she refused any flavored drink. lately (at 22mths), she started to show interest in our "drinks" whenever we eat out.

i made honey lemon drink the other day and i had to coax her to drink it. after a few small sips, she started to like the taste and she drank 1/3 of it. here my girl is enjoying her drink and making the "aaahhhhh" sound :)

1 comment:

coffeesncookies said...

thats a good habit to start with. Mine got hooked on teh tarik coz she follows us to mamaks too frequent.. haiz !!


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