Wednesday, May 5, 2010

her meal time routine

this is a typical scene during ziyi's meal time. whenever i'm home early from work & during weekends to feed ziyi her meal, i will need my laptop and external harddisk. This will ensure she sits still coz she hates to be strapped in her highchair.

I will usually show her video clips of herself playing at the playground, swimming, singing & dancing, and some of our outings with grandma. Once she gets bored with these video clips, i will have to switch to her fav Elmo or Barney cd. Ziyi can finish off 1.5 bowls of porridge most of the time, however there are times she refused eating and lift her hand up to block me from shoving the spoon into her mouth! There was one incident where i tried too hard to force the spoon into her mouth and she lost balance and fell with a loud thud on the cold hard tiles! I felt so bad after that... bad mummy :(

at times, she will be fed rice with some dishes and soup instead of her usual porridge

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