Thursday, May 20, 2010

daycare at 2year old?

i'm in the midst of scouting for a nursery cum daycare for my 2 year old girl. after calling up a few in my area, there are only 3 that take children her age. others will only accept 3 year old onwards and have to be toilet-trained. there's a principal of this kindy who was kind enough to advice me not to send her to nursery at this age as her immune system is not strong yet.

i really don't know, whether to send her or not to send. she's currently sitting at home all day, watching cartoons the minute she wakes up, and she's been refusing to eat her lunch too! this is what troubling me the most. at times she refuse milkie too.

some friends told me to 'tahan' and wait till she's 3, and some asked me to send asap. i'm quite keen to send her and hoping she will eat better once she attends nursery (peer pressure... haha). i'm still googling for the pros and cons from the experts websites. :)


coffeesncookies said...

my opinion - no need to rush and the principal is right, kids picks up germs easily and fall sick very frequent when they attend kindy. Are you prepared for that ? That aside, there's also good points as they build up their immune system being exposed to so many germs.
How bout sending her for shorter programs like those Scholar Base or Vital Years offer ?

Tammy said...

elaine, i checked out Scholar Base and vital Years websites, unfortunately they are located too far away from my house. Scholar Base only accepts 3 years onwards.

my cousin (in US) said most kids there attend nursery cum daycare at 18 months old. these angmohs are pretty kiasu eh...;)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

I am planning to send Maine to daycare in another 2 months' time (17 months old). I chose to send her to daycare instead of sending her to a babysitter because I think it is better to let her learn to communicate with other kids and to be independent. I too am worried about her being exposed to germs :(

Food For Tots said...

I think playschool is better than childcare. At her age, she can be infected easily. I admitted my son to PAP playschool (2 hrs) when he was 3 yrs old. Maybe your dd is going thru her terrible 2 now. Besides watching cartoon, you can plan something else for her like books and toys. For her mealtime, try to be creative. But sometimes we must be firm on certain issues so that she will learn. Just my 2 cents.


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