Wednesday, July 14, 2010

falling sick after attending daycare

we went to KK Mayflower Seafood Restaurant for a dinner celebration for FIL's birthday. when we went home for the cake cutting session, ziyi's body temperature was a tad warm. her temp was 37.5c. i immediately administer her with paracetamol. i guess she must have caught the bug from her kindy since there are a few other kids who fell sick too. this means she fell sick after 7 days at the kindy!

brought her to paed the next morning. her fever was caused by throat infection. we were given antibiotic (3-days course), paracetamol and a flu/cough med. i bought 2 suppository for standby too. all this cost us RM90.00... that's blardy expensive.

- Sunday (11/7/10): flu was quite bad, body temp hit 39.3c. easy to administer med. refused milk and porridge though.

- Monday: body still quite hot, and temper was very bad and difficult to control her. refused med, she bit the syringe and one of her tooth bled...damn garang girl. her throat hurts badly, refused milk, water, porridge. had bits of white bread only. this hyperactive girl refused to nap too. she was awake from 7am - 5pm before she knocked off for a cat nap.

- Tuesday: fever subsided, but still refused milk and water. i finally managed to force feed her with 1 small bowl of plain porridge during dinner.

- Wednesday: totally recovered except still have minor flu. behaviour and temper was still unacceptable! extremely cranky and fussy! she's driving everyone up the wall!!!!!

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