Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1st day in daycare/nursery (1st July '10)

after much consideration, we've decided to send ziyi to the daycare behind our house. hubby likes this place because of the distance and the cost (cheaper than others) of coz, and me, i like it because there are only 11 kids in the morning and 3 in the afternoon session. besides, the place is clean too.

we intend to let her try it out and stay with this kindy till she's 3 years old before we switch her to a better kindy next time. hubby and i took a day off to send our princess to kindy on the 1st July. she refused to sit on the chair and clinging onto me all the time. later we decided to leave her there for an hour or so for our brekkie and rushed to the bank to collect my car registration card. while i was at the bank, my phone rang and it was the principal who called, asking me to come back earlier to stay with her coz she was crying and looking for us. she only cried when she saw other children crying or screaming, otherwise she's quite alright.

upon seeing mummy at the kindy's entrance, she wailed even louder, calling out to me!! i carried her from the teacher immediately and she settled down after 10mins. i was told she refused to drink her milk when i was not there.

hmm....looks like she's going to take a long time to adapt to this new environment and new carer.

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