Friday, September 10, 2010

"pah meen" - homemade rice flour noodle

i wonder how many people out there who knows about "pah meen", with the exception of this blogger mummy of course :) honestly, i don't know the history of this noodle..hmm...i think i'd better ask my grandma when i see her the next round we go back to seremban.

my grandma is a good cook. she makes very good pah meen. the broth was super duper sweet, boiled using clams (la la), pork ribs and free range chicken.  grandma added extra prawns, homemade fish paste, choy sum and dried mushrooms. it was served with lotsa fried shallots and chili padi! 

it was so good that i ate 2 big bowls! everyone else love it too! 

picture quality was not that good as i snapped using my hp :(


Adeline said...

ahhhhhh..... my favorite!!!!! I haven't had these in years!!!! I want!!

coffeesncookies said...

Yee Mah is a very good cook. I hope I have a chance to savour her cooking one day !


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