Thursday, September 9, 2010

thai food @ section 17, PJ

i went for thai with one of my lunch-kakis the other day. this place is a thai specialty mini mart cum "cafe" situated in section 17, few doors away from MM Cafe at Happy Mansion area. silly me, forgotten to notice the name of the shop.

well, i noticed they have limited food choices though but i particularly like their pork ball noodle soup with added chili. yesterday we decided to try something different... we had stir-fried spicy minced pork with steamed brown rice and som tam (spicy salad made from shredded unripened papaya). we ordered beef balls to try as well (quite good!). i tell you...the food was so spicy despite us telling her to use only 1 chili for the som tam! yes, only 1 bird eye chili!!

pricing is not cheap though. the plate of brown rice with minced pork + fried egg cost RM7.00, som tam (for 2 person) at RM5.00, beef balls at RM0.50 each and bottled drinks at RM2.50 each. our lunch came up to RM26.00. well, i wouldn't expect to pay this kind of pricing for thai food at a small mini mart shop like this ;p

som tam with only 1 bird eye chili 

minced pork with brown rice

beef balls

bottled drinks 

cooking area at the entrance of the shop

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