Tuesday, September 28, 2010

potty training ziyi

everyone told me to train ziyi to do her business every morning when she was 2 months old. being a fully breastfed baby, she had infrequent timing for her to do her big business. at times she only poo once a week, once every 3 days, etc...therefore i thought it would be difficult to potty train her at that time.

i am thinking of potty training her now since she's already 27 months old. i have tried asking her to sit on her potty but this girl sit and stand up within seconds. she just refused to pee in the potty. there were a few times when she pee-d in the bathroom while bathing her. sensing something flowing down from her down under, she was so terrified and climbed all over me. haihhh.... how to potty train her leh....

i tried explaining to her, bought her the Elmo's Potty Time VCD, and i even show her how mummy pee pee in the toilet. i am now hoping her teacher will teach her about potty time in school or i will have to find other ways to lessen her fear of doing her business diaperless!

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coffeesncookies said...

how bout letting her be diaperless. she won't like the pee...
usually after few accidents, the will prefer the potty.

or how bout those toilet seat cover for kids ? put a little stool so she can climb up her toilet seat easily
Toys r Us has some nice padded ones


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