Monday, July 18, 2011

Ziyi's 3rd Birthday

ziyi celebrated her 3rd birthday last month end. this year we did not throw a big party for Ziyi. mummy is too lazy to plan anything. we went back to Seremban for a small celebration with my mom and grandma.  we had high tea at The Royale Bintang Hotel but to be honest, the food there is not up to my expectation. well, we didn't have much choices as this is the "best" hotel available in Seremban. 

durian feast on the day of our arrival...yums!

ziyi likes them too

she has always been very obsessed with horses since young. so she specifically asked for a horse cake and so i ordered this jelly cake from the lady in Tmn Desa. RM60 for this jelly cake.

the excited birthday girl. we did the cake cutting at home.

she proudly asked for 3 candles and announced that she's 3 years old!

at the coffee house, she was busy running around, hugging pillars (another weird obsession) and kept saying she wanted to swim in the pool.

when we came back to KL, she had another round of candle blowing session, together with her dad.  that's because their birthdays are only 2 days apart. this time i baked some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache, topped with Dora edible images. 

Happy happy birthday to my darlings......Ziyi and Hubby!

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