Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the tantrum of a 3 yrs old girl

i've been wanting to trim ziyi's hair lately and been telling her often about cutting her hair. till now she still refuse to get her hair trimmed. i don't know why she is so afraid of seeing hair all over her or the floor! 

last night when i mentioned about cutting her hair again, she threw a tantrum! she cried, screamed and pushed me non-stop. i tried to keep my cool and left her alone but she wanted the attention and kept following me with her screams and cries. after few minutes, i carried her and she stopped crying. i talked some sense into her head about her nasty behaviour and she immediately apologized to me. 

this morning when she gave me the same treatment again when i changed her into her uniform. she refused to remove her pyjamas and making all sorts of excuses. that got me very mad because i have to go through this ordeal every morning since months ago! i always have to coax her to change her pyjamas, drink her water after milk, take her vitamin and make her walk to the car. aaargghh.......i'm already so mad just by writing these down. 

is she trying to challenge my limit for a girl at her age? i really hope she will outgrow this nonsense soon!!!!

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