Thursday, August 18, 2011

of Manglish...etc

I have been speaking Manglish to Ziyi all this while, subconsciously of course. I never notice them until she repeats after what I said.

She has added the word "lor" at the end of her sentences. She sounds so cute but I am trying to correct her and keep reminding myself not to speak Manglish! 

Each time I tuck her to bed at night, I would greet her Goodnight & I love you, and I will tell her to close her eyes & no talking too.  Once, I caught her singing silently to herself, with some hand actions too. When she realised I was looking at her, this cheeky girl immediately hide herself underneath her blanket and smiled cheekily. 

The other day hubs was telling me about Amy Chua’s new book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”.  Has any of you read this book yet? I'm supposed to buy it but haven't done so. I read from The Star that there are few types of parenting styles, The Authoritarian, The Authoritative,  The Permissive, The Indulgent, & The Neglectful.  I'm starting to think that I may fall into The Authoritarian category! Oh no! I'm slowly trailing my mother's footsteps as she was very strict and fierce to me when I was young.  And now with my own daughter, I'm pretty strict with her too. Children of The Authoritarian parents may end up with low self-esteem and confidence in life. I will have to seriously re-look into my parenting style and buy some parenting books to read too. Gotta keep reminding myself to not be the control freak, lest Ziyi may start to dislike her own mother when she grew up.

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