Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st School Sports Day - 24/7/11

We were all excited with Ziyi's School's Sports Day. The school has taken almost 3 weeks to prepare the kids for this 'big' day. When Ziyi was first trained for the sports, she was so tanned that I had to apply sunscreen lotion for her every morning. She is the youngest amongst the rest and I was pretty worried that she couldn't play or follow instructions accordingly. However her teachers assured me that she was doing fine and enjoyed herself very much.

 When the day finally arrived, I was more excited than her..LOL! I sent her to school at 7.45am for them to get ready and then hubs and I returned to her school again at 8.30am. 

They started with marching, singing the National Anthem & School Song, followed by an entertaining cheerleading performance by the older kids. 

Ziyi participated in 3 events. She was in the Purple team and she played "Fill me up", "Pass the baton" & "Duck Ring". 

 Kids queuing up for the marching event

Ziyi was led the her teacher

Did you notice the boy behind her? He is a few months older than Ziyi but he was crying the whole time because his parents were around. I was worried too but glad that Ziyi was doing fine. 

She was the first to go in her team. Looking really blur here..

She had to hop from ring to ring

Picked the sponge filled water to another station

Squatting down after finishing her turn, while waiting for the rest to finish.

2nd game. Ran back to pass the baton to another participant.

She was really enjoying herself with all the jumping and running.

This little cili padi cried upon finishing her 3 games! She wanted mummy and so I took her with me and gave her a doughnut. 

She did very well at all the 3 events.  Mummy & daddy were beaming with pride. :D 
She took home 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal & 1 trophy.

We are now looking forward to her year-end concert performance. 

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