Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ear infection

I had a shock this morning when Ziyi fussed over her itchy left ear the minute she woke up. I used a cotton bud to clean her outer ear and there was a small amount of pus on the cotton bud. Her ear smelled horrible too. I knew I had to bring her to the pediatrician first thing in the morning. 

She was diagnosed with otitis media, a middle ear infection. Her doctor couldn't tell what caused the infection, but suspected the post-nasal drip that caused the infection because she's been having cough with phlegm since last week.  She was prescribed with Sofradex antibiotic ear drops for her left ear, and Cerumol drop for her right ear (to soften hard wax). 

Doctor doesn't recommend her taking any cough mixture as he thinks that cough mixture will only suppresses her cough but not treating her problem. Since Ziyi's cough is not so serious, I was told to leave her alone and if need be, a dose of Zyrtec at night will be good enough. 

If her ear does not recover in 5 days, I will need to bring her back to either the pediatrician or ENT doctor to flush her ear wax and to examine her ear membrane.  I need to monitor her closely and also to be more sensitive to her coughs in order to find out what actually trigger her cough. However doctor suspected the culprit could be house dust mites because Ziyi tends to develop rashes  due to external contacts. 

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