Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY Celebration 2012

This year's CNY was a tad different. We travelled down to Kluang, hubs' hometown and it was also Ziyi's first CNY there!

CNY Eve and 1st day were spent in KL, 2nd & 3rd day in Seremban. On the 3rd day, we travelled to Kluang and spent a night there before heading back to KL on the 4th day.

It is so much easier to travel now that Ziyi is 3.5 years old, she is less fussier, cries lesser, and so much easier when it comes to her choice of food. She eats almost everything that's being served and I'm sooo glad and relieved.

1st day of CNY...she looks so Ah Soh here..with 2 bags!

The usual scene I see & experience almost everyday: Father (sometimes mommy) and daughter fighting for iPhone.

The ganas Leanne & Ziyi. The mini Leanne likes to attack every kid she sees, babies especially! 

The 2 best friends finally met on 2nd day of CNY! They can't get enough of each other and misses each other very much whenever they are torn apart between 2 States! Here they look like they are being given a good lecture but in fact I can't remember what happened that day. 

The house was filled with food & people and kids were running everywhere. Chaotic but filled with laughter and happiness.

Finally reached Kluang and checked into a newish budget hotel. Room was small but acceptable and it was clean too. She was pretending to talk to Nathan and Sally.

Father & daughter playing pop pop cracker before leaving for KL later in the evening. That's about it for CNY, nothing much really.

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