Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food that Ziyi Eats

I have heard so much about Kanna Curry House but have not tried it until one day when I decided to bring the hubs to eat there because he's one banana leaf rice fan! I was too lazy to cook for Ziyi, so she had to eat what is being served there. 

Poor Ziyi, she ate white rice with papadum, some cabbage and fried chicken. Her rice was so dry, no gravy for her at all. hehe... I ordered a fried egg for her too.

Our food.. yummy!

This was taken at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. She ate waffle with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. She is into everything chocolatey!

Home-cooked meal! Pan fried salmon with vegetable of the day.

Her first visit to Tutti Frutti. Bought her favourite chocolate ice cream but she still asked for McD cone sundae! Cheap maintenance huh??!

Happy with an ice-cream from McD. Only RM1.05.......daddy is the happiest with her choice!

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