Monday, February 20, 2012

CNY Food by beloved Grandma

Another outdated post...

We are very lucky to have my Grandma to whip up delicious meals for us each time we are back home. She does not look 84 at all and she is still very healthy and she has the loudest voice for an old lady her age!

On CNY Day 2 when everyone was back for a short gathering over lunch, Grandma whipped up these yummylicious dishes:

Her signature prawns: Deep fried with sugar, salt, spring onions and fried shallots.

Steamed salted kampung chicken

Everyone's favorite dish: "Yong Dan" (cantonese). A combination of fish paste, pork and prawns wrapped with eggs. 

Rendang Chicken

Another signature dish: Braised sea cucumber..yum yum

A big pot of pig stomach soup with her homemade fish balls.

Stir fried nga ku with siew yoke and leek

Hubs been bugging me to learn how to cook all those yummy dishes for him. Okok, I shall learn some secret from grandma whenever I have the chance :)

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