Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple Soup Recipe

I made apple soup for Ziyi today. Ziyi can be pretty fussy with liquids stuff, she's not too willing to try anything new in liquid form. Hence savory soup is the best bet because she will have no problem eating soupy rice.

This soup is good to soothe your lung especially when you are having a cough. A simple and easy recipe to share with you here.

Apple Soup (serves 4 person)

2 medium size red apple. Peeled and cored, then rub some salt to prevent oxidization.
1 piece of white fungus
A handful of bitter and sweet almonds
2 honey dates
4 red dates
5 dried figs
3L water
2-3 pieces pork ribs
Salt to taste

Dump all the ingredients above into a slow cooker and let it boil for 2.5 hours if you are using hot water, and 3.5 hours if you are using room temperature water.

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