Sunday, March 25, 2012

Learning New Words

Mixing and playing with other children has its pros and cons. They sometimes picked up good and bad habit along the way. As for Ziyi, she learns new words almost everyday. She sometimes surprised me with her new vocabulary.

Lately she learned to say "Alamak" whenever she trips and fall. She could say it very naturally too! She amused me more when she said "No, thanks" whenever I offered her something that she doesn't fancy.

She would also say "Ai yo yo" if she thinks it's troublesome to do certain things.

Up to date, she has been learning mandarin for about 4 months. She is still struggling with her mandarin but her teacher mentioned that she's a quick learner and I shouldn't worry too much. I sometimes regret for not speaking to her in mandarin from young. Learning English language is much easier than Mandarin language. The only Mandarin words she has mastered is "Bu Yao" means don't want. I will try harder to speak to her in mandarin more often, though it can be very tiring sometimes, because I feel like I'm talking to the wall. LOL

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