Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taman Botani, Putrajaya

On one of the Sundays in March, yes, this post has been drafted weeks ago, hubs suggested visiting Taman Botani Putrajaya. We brought Ziyi's bicycle along just in case we couldn't rent a kiddie bike there. We reached there around 10+ in the morning but the bicycles were all rented out and we were told to wait for another hour to get a bike. Nah...1 hour is too long of a wait, we decided to just let Ziyi ride her bicycle and us walked along with her. We munched on a few buns as our breakfast and bottles of mineral water to hydrate ourselves. 

No entrance fee needed, unless you are renting their bicycles. 

While waiting for hubs to off load her bicycle.

Cycling happily...initially........but.............

Few minutes later, she was screaming and crying the whole time when her dad told her not cycle too fast at a slope downhill. She wanted to go real fast, but when she couldn't she screamed on top of her lung "FAST FAST, I WANT FAST!!!" 

I got real mad at her unacceptable behavior and gave her a good lecture when we reached the lakeside, with other parents and children looking on. We had no idea what was wrong with her that morning, it was not her nap time nor her meal time but she was just so cranky! She kept crying for at least another 10 mins and after she settled down, her behavior was back to normal and she transformed into a lovable princess. Weird 'lil girl we have here. 

This is the happy and lovable face we would like to see everyday! 

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