Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Raya Break 2012

Our 4 days holiday break came to an end, now back to work. blehhhh!!

Anyway, a quick update of what we did during the 4 days break:

Went for late breakkie around the neighbourhood and just hang around Carrefour for the lil one to have some fun playing at the kiddie arcade. Dinner at home as usual, with the rest of the Loh's family.

I cooked pasta with bacon and carrots + lettuces for lunch. I'm a green freak. Must have loads of vegetables in my meal, especially if it's home cooked meals. 

Went out to 1 Utama, reached there around 3pm, carpark and mall was super crowded! I thought most people would have gone out of town, looked like I was so wrong. We passed by Sticky the customised candy shop and showed Ziyi how they make their candies. I was surprised to find out they give out samplings pretty generously, they just left a square bowl on the counter and let you take as many as you want. We like it, because the candy was not too sweet and there were quite a lot of flavors to choose from. 

Then we dropped by Candylicious, another pretty candy store. Needless to say, Ziyi bugged us to buy her lollipops! I was not keen to get her those artificially colored lolly at all. We tried persuading her to go for Gelato instead but she refused. In the end I managed to convinced her to go for a Chocolate lolly, which cost us RM9! But I didn't mind because I think chocs are much better those colored lolly. I made her promised me to not ask for any lollipops or chocs or ice-cream anymore, but do you a 4 year old can keep her promise? Of course not! She went crazy when she saw another ice-cream kiosk later. I was very firmed with her this time, it took us a while to distract her and brought her to Toys 'r us and took her some time to finally "forget" about the ice-cream. We went to Uptown for the famous hokkien mee and roast duck. Ziyi had a small plate of mee + some duck meat and we headed home after that. 

The expensive lolly

Left home in the morning to Morib for a short day trip. The sun was hot, we came back with a burnt back. They played kite and sand at the beach. when it was low tide. Headed to Tanjung Sepat for seafood, at the Ocean Seafood restaurant. Gosh, the crowd and traffic was crazy. Reached the restaurant at about 3pm and only managed to have our meal at 5pm. The kids were hungry. The food was not fantastic and price was not attractive either. Don't think we will be back. 

The famous Lover's Bridge

Reached home at almost 8pm, bathed and the kids continued playing at home when the "men" went out drinking, I had to babysit 3 kids and Ziyi was the happiest kid, having company to play with her. She knocked out at almost 12am. 

Ziyi must be extremely tired from yesterday, she woke up at 9+ am, and this rarely happened as she is an early person. While she was still sleeping, I prepared the ingredients for making beef stew. My first attempt at beef, besides minced beef. Dumped everything into the slow cooker. Easy peasy. Will post the recipe later. 

Hubs and I went out for a movie while Ziyi was out with her grandparents. We went for lunch, a quick shopping and we watched The Expandables 2. Great movie and it was only RM8 per tix for Citibank card holder.

That was it, our long (or short?) holiday break. Time past so fast and before I knew it, I'm now back at work...yawwnn :O

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