Thursday, August 9, 2012

My child is sucking me dry :O

I cannot imagine how other families manage it financially when they have 2 or more children, especially for those middle to lower income group earners. 

Ziyi likes to eat her honey neat, so I've been giving her Manuka honey with UMF28+ when she was down with fever. Now she's all healthy and active, she wants her honey every night too. It's going to be very costly if she were to take UMF28+ Manuka every night! So today I went to buy a jar of 500gm UMF 15+ for her (for general maintenance purpose) which cost me RM118 + a tube of PawPaw ointment (for standby) at RM22.90. Geez, things are getting really expensive nowadays. 

I will have to enroll her for Chinese tuition class this evening and that will cost us another RM530 + RM180 every month in addition to her monthly daycare fees. This Saturday is her 2nd appointment with the ENT Specialist, which will easily cost us RM180 + a scooter as a pressie for rewarding her if she lets the ENT clean her right ear, estimated to be around RM130. I'm going to be very broke this week!

Goods & services are so expensive in Malaysia! How to afford a 2nd or even a 3rd child??!! Unless we need to change our spending habit and change our lifestyle too, and I am not sure if I'm ready for that. And not to mention sacrificing holidays abroad too :(

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