Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shoes for problematic feet

We were at Clarks shoe store yesterday and I tried on a few pairs of their closed toes shoes. To my surprise, they were incredibly comfy. But I did not buy any yesterday, as I was still skeptical given the fact that I was born with a bunion on both side of my feet. I have always had problem getting myself a pair of comfy closed toe shoes. I even bought myself a pair of Ferragamo court shoes years ago and it went into the bin after wearing it less than 3 times! There goes my few hundred bucks. 

I knew I definitely need to get at least a pair of shoes else how am I going to survive the cold with strappy sandals/heels when we move to Oz next year? I wonder how comfy Clarks shoes are or if there are other brands around that cater for bunions feet? I need one that has enough rooms for my wide feet but at the same time it has to look at least fashionably enough for me :)

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