Monday, October 29, 2012

Physical Development

Ziyi was at the pediatrician last week and the nurse took her measurement. At 4 years 4 months old, her weight is 16 kg and 105 cm in height. My skinny monkey is always so skinny, even when she was a baby, there's not much chubbiness in her. 

I googled and found a chart suggested as below for a 4 year old:

4 years
33.3 - 39.1 pounds
32.2 - 38.5 pounds
39.2 - 41.5 inches
38.6 - 41.0 inches

After conversion, she's at 35.2 pounds and 41.3 inches. Average for her weight and tall for her height at her age. Now I just wish she'd grow a lil bit more fats in her body. So much cuter with those baby fats!!

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