Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flaxseed oil for children

Recently Ziyi has started to like oatmilk more than her milk. When I was shopping for her oatmilk at BMS Organic shop, the shop assistant recommended me flaxseed oil for children. The kid's version is flavored with natural lemon. I ended up buying the package containing 1 tin of O'kid Oatmilk + 1 bottle of Flaxseed oil + 1 tumbler shaker. 

I don't quite like the idea of Ziyi consuming too much sugar as the oatmilk is sweetened naturally, so I'm giving her oatmilk + flaxseed oil in the morning, dutch lady school  packet milk in the evening (snacks at daycare) and Anmum formula milk at night.  

I did some research on flaxseed oil on the web. Adding Flaxseed oil to your child’s diet will:

· Enhance brain development.
· Increase learning.
· Increase reading shills.
· Enhance nerve development.
· Help prevent asthma.
· Reduce muscle inflammation.
· Reduce joint inflammation.

· Improve attention span.
· Increase calm behavior
· Enhance memory.

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