Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Little Vain Pot

For someone who likes Thomas & Friends and favorite color is BLUE, how vain can that person be? I was so wrong. Ziyi was once a big fan of the boyish Thomas & Friends toys, books & cartoon and likes everything in blue color. I was a little worried that she might grew up into a tomboy, but I can now leave all those worries behind.

She is so into PINK now, likes Dora The Explorer and Disney Princess too. She has yet to like Barbie Dolls. Sometimes when I dress her up, she will even choose her own clothes. She will tell me she wants to wear watch, necklace, hair clips, and bracelets because she wants to be so pretty. Whenever she sees me with my makeup brush, she will sweep that brush across her cheeks too.

I hope she will grow up into a fine young lady, and not be an Ah Lian....muahahahhaha!!!!

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