Thursday, November 8, 2012

Of Will & Loose Ends

My mom left us unexpectedly, she left without telling us her last wish nor anything at all. We took the situation for granted, thinking she would be discharged from the hospital soon and hence I did not ask her anything about her belongings, insurance & her personal finances matter. 

I was totally clueless about her personal stuff. Lucky she had her will written and told me to contact her lawyer should any unfortunate happened to her. It was a very simple will, so I had to search high and low in her room and the house for all her stuff. It took up few of my weekends to compile and did a spring clean to donate whatever can still be used to the nursing home. 

Throughout the period of difficult times, I am very grateful for her church Pastor Paul and other church members who guided me through the funeral processes. They are really wonderful people. God is great! 

With this experience, I told hubs that we have to sort out our insurance and banking matters and most importantly get a will written. Almost all the banks and government department that I went to asked for the  copy of grant of probate from me.

I hope to be able to get all my mom's things settled by mid of 2013, before I make my move to another country. As for Ziyi, I've been telling her that her grandma is now in heaven, I do not know how to explain death to her. She will be able to understand it better when she is a lil older. 

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