Monday, December 10, 2012

Challenges in Disciplining my 4yo

We attended the Parent Teacher meeting 2 Saturdays ago. As expected, Ziyi received lots of compliments from her class & daycare teachers on her academic performance. One new thing to note this round is that Ziyi is the only one in her class who can read her Bahasa books and she can read each and every word that was taught in her class. Well done Ziyi! Mummy and daddy are proud of you. 

Well, then we moved on to her character and behavior in school. This is the part that got me really worried. Her class teacher noticed some changes in her recently. She is so stubborn that she is always keeping quiet whenever someone is talking or questioning her, especially so when she's not in the mood. Sort of like having mood swing. Refusing to apologize to anyone even when the other party said sorry to her first. 

She is only afraid of me thus far. No one else can reprimand her except this tiger mummy. I hate to shout at her but she really leaves me no choice. My lil Ziyi, when will you change? I seriously do not know how to discipline you :(

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