Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Few Days of 2012

It's still a working day for me on Boxing day and Christmas this year was different compared to last year and other previous years as I did not get to celebrate it with my mom anymore, including my birthday which she never failed to celebrate with me. 

2012 has been a fruitful year for us, but with my mother's passing on, it was also a very sad one. She suffered almost 2 months in the hospital and it was so heart breaking to see her condition at that time. However, I'm very glad in a way that she no longer had to suffer after being wheelchair bound for 3 years. 

Moving forward, I'm seriously excited about the year to come. 2013 will be exciting for us because a new adventure is going to begin next year and I hope it'll turn out well. Fingers crossed. 

Oh, there will be a little getaway for us this coming weekend. Looking forward to it!!! 

Happy Holiday peeps!

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