Monday, May 9, 2011

Aquaria - father and daughter trip (2nd May 2011)

i had to work during the labour day weekend at KLCC Exhibition Center. i made hubby brought ziyi to Aquaria on monday. the entrance fee is only RM35 for adults and kids below 3 years old are free. so we only needed 1 ticket, too bad i had to be on duty and couldn't join them.

hubby said he had a hard time snapping ziyi's pictures as she didn't want to stay still for the camera. i have no pictures of them when they were inside the center. we made the right choice to bring her to see fishes rather than animals, otherwise she would freak out when she sees huge and tall animals.

entrance of Aquaria and ticketing counter

i managed to snap few pics at the entrance

they spent about 1.5 hours in Aquaria and then came looking for me to join them for lunch. we walked over to KLCC mall for Japanese food. i was not so keen on Japanese food as i am not sure they are safe to be consumed. but hubby insisted on trying out Umai-ya when we walked pass the restaurant. they were having 20% opening promotion and i saw the restaurant was packed! i thought what the heck...let's give it a try. but i dare not order my favorite food - unagi (eel) and salmon sashimi. 

luckily i fed ziyi porridge at home before leaving for work. so i only ordered a garlic fried rice and chocolate ice-cream for her. nevertheless, our lunch at Umai-ya was good. 

after lunch at about 3+ pm, hubby sent ziyi home as it was time for her nap, while i had to continue working :(
i took a train ride home in the evening and was quite impressed with our own LRT train. when was your last ride on Malaysia's public transport?

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