Monday, May 16, 2011

my first mother's day gifts from ziyi - 2011

i've decided to bake some cupcakes for mother's day this year. it was also an opportunity for me to try out the chocolate cupcakes that i've been planning to bake for ziyi's birthday next month. after researching for few recipes online, i finally ended up with a moist chocolate cake premix. chanced upon the premix when doing my baking ingredients shopping recently. so i gave it a try. i turned them into cupcakes with ganache topping. ziyi was so excited and she joined me in the kitchen throughout the cake making process. surprisingly the cakes turned out yummylicious. even ziyi approved it!

this is the photo frame she made for mother's day with the help of her kindy's teacher.

a swiss roll that we made together at Sunday School

and a bookmark too

we had a simple steamboat dinner at home with the in-laws and ended with moist choc cupcakes as dessert. 
i am glad everyone enjoyed the cake!

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