Thursday, May 26, 2011

brushing with toothpaste

i have never trained ziyi to brush her teeth using toothpaste until recently when someone mentioned to me that she should be ready for brushing with toothpaste. can you imagine a 2 yr 11 months old child has not used toothpaste before? i am glad her teeth are not rotten yet!

to start with, i bought her an "edible toothpaste". First Teeth Baby Toothpaste from Guardian Pharmacy recently. this 40g tube of toothpaste cost me a whopping RM25.90, the most expensive toothpaste i've ever bought! 

ziyi hated it when she first used it and swallowed it down too! lucky this has no fluoride and safe to swallow. after a few tries, she finally mastered the skill to hold it in her mouth and gargle with water before spitting them out.

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