Thursday, May 26, 2011

ziyi trapped in the toilet?

there were times when ziyi is not listening or obeying my instructions and i would usually give her time-out. she won't sit/stand still at a spot so i will have to lock her in a room, so to speak. 

every evening after picking her up from school, i will send her up to my room to bath her. however, she is always very demanding and make unreasonable requests which i do not have the time and patience to attend to her. but this little monster wouldn't listen and she'd end up crying and crying in the bathroom. when my patience level exceeded my limit, i will let her cry in the bathroom and close the door for about 2 mins and she'd be yelling "mummy help me, help me!!!"

the other day when hubby was at the car porch, our neighbour asked if ziyi was trapped in toilet! hahaha.... the hubs didn't know about the "trapping in the bathroom" incidents but he guessed it could be me disciplining the little monster. he explained to our neighbour that the "monster mummy" was trying to discipline the little monster by giving her time-out in the bathroom!

i must now be very careful with what we do / talk when we are in the bathroom because the sound proofing is so bad that we can even hear them flushing the toilet!

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