Friday, June 24, 2011

father's day 2011

we did not celebrate father's day for the hubs this time. but we went for a family dinner with the inlaws on Saturday night. it was a nice dinner at Restaurant Yin Her @ Kg Baru Sg. Buloh. 

ziyi made a nice gift for daddy in school. it was a pen holder with a smiley face. 

i brought her to Sunday School in the morning. i helped her with making a heart shape father's day card for daddy too. after Sunday School we went for our breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. she had 2 fishballs, 1/2 a slice of toasted bread and we shared a cup of hot milo. she gave a thumbs up for the milo.

after brekkie, we went to Maxvalue for some grocery items and headed home right after that. for ziyi's lunch, i cooked her Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese. i added some chopped vegetable and a sausage too. she didn't quite like it though, i had to force feed her. sigh... she is a real "fan thong". i shall just stick to either rice or porridge in the future. 

then i made a potato salad for us. yummy!

hubs had chicken rice, McDonald's and potato salad for his Father's Day lunch. :)

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