Friday, June 24, 2011

parent-teacher conference day

we attended ziyi's parent-teacher meet on a Saturday, 18/6/2011. this was our 1st parent-teacher meeting. it was kinda casual and a brief session. we reached her school at about 9.40pm and ziyi was quite unwilling to go to her school, thinking that she had to attend school on a Saturday! i told her that i was going to just talk to her teacher. she even reminded me again when she stepped down from the car.

we waited for about 20mins for our turn. her class teacher, Sara, showed us her workbooks. for her age, she does mainly coloring and tracing the dotted lines. then i was shown her 'report card'. she had both As and Bs, her Bs are mostly for creativity and arts skills. i noticed ziyi is not a person with much creativity though.

her teacher said ziyi knows her alphabets and numbers pretty well. she participates in the class activities, and she even likes singing and dancing. however, her teacher said ziyi can be quite stubborn at times. for instance, she wouldn't want to stand corner when she misbehaves and she sometimes refuse to apologize when she did something wrong. teacher also mentioned that ziyi is very talkative for her age. she talks to almost everyone, even to some of the 6 years old kids.

her 'report card'

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