Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my very first pair of ballerina flats

i was born with ugly looking feet. i have bunions on my feet since i was 5/6 years old, inherited from my mother's gene. i'm now so afraid ziyi would inherit this gene of mine!! 

i totally hate them as i can't wear closed toes shoes/heels. i had to giveaway my Ferragamo court shoes, Nine West boots, and many other closed toes heels i bought during my flying days. i always envy others who can wear pointed heels and ballerina flats. 

however, the other day when i went shopping in Mid Valley, i came across a pair of flats at Nose boutique and tried them. though i find it rather pricey, i nevertheless gave it a shot. in order to minimize the risk, i took 1 size bigger than my usual size.

to my surprise, i could wear them for at least 4 hours without any pain. quite comfy in fact. i need to hunt for more flats of this kind but it ain't easy to get one that suits my odd and ugly looking feet :(

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