Friday, September 2, 2011

our weekend

With the long Raya cum Merdeka holidays, we had some plans to keep my little monster occupied.  On  Saturday morning, we brought Ziyi to the park at TTDI together with my friend and her daughter Kayla. We were glad the weather was really good.  That was my 1st visit to this park and I learnt that this place is popular amongst family with young kids. We spent almost 2 hours at the park. 

We left for lunch at Greenview SS2 and headed home thereafter. On Sunday I decided to stay home and cooked a simple lunch for us. I tried a new recipe - Soy Sauce Chicken. My auntie used to cook this dish when I was living with them and I never had a chance to savor it ever since I left for my studies in KL. I chose to cook this dish because it's a simple recipe and also because I miss my auntie's cooking. 

Original recipe did not call for sesame seeds but since I have a packet of it in the fridge, I just sprinkled it on top before serving. Everyone gave this a thumbs up, especially my food critic hubby and he had 2 bowls of rice!

Organic tofu with mushroom sauce

Stir-fry organic choy tam with garlic & I boiled a pot of chicken herbal soup too.

Notice her t-shirt? It's a boy's sleeveless top because she is currently crazy over Thomas & His Friends and her favorite color is BLUE. She kept telling me she doesn't like Dora & Boots anymore. :S

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