Friday, December 9, 2011

Boosting my immune system!

Dang! I've been down with cold pretty often ever since I had Ziyi. Pregnancy and parenting has taken its toll on my health! I realized I hardly fell sick before my pregnancy until I had Ziyi 3+ years ago.

What has caused my weaken immune system? Late nights and interrupted sleeps? I've become a light sleeper ever since this baby was born. My motherly instinct keeps me awake few times in the middle of the night to check on her, to see if she is warm enough, to check if she wets her bed, etc etc. Worse when she is ill.

I'm now having cough and blocked nose, which is causing my extreme headache too! Breathing through my mouth is making me burping all the time due to gassy stomach. Totally irritating. I'm going to stock up on immune system boosting supplements. I've read so much about Esberitox N and I'm going to give that a shot. 3 times a day, plus my Blackmores Vitamin C. It's high time to do something about it before the big move to migrate to Australia, I am pretty sure I will be even more prone to cold and cough with the crazy weather there.

As for Ziyi, she is supplemented with Seven Seas Multivitamin and Probiotics. That should work well with her.

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