Friday, December 9, 2011

Reading skills

Ziyi's reading skills has improved tremendously. She can now reads most of the words in her simple story books and activity books. 

She is always reading from her Dora The Explorer  and Thomas & Friends story books. 


She can even read the instructions on all her activity books, like "Add up all the lambs on this page" and "Count the number of flowers and place the missing stickers" etc, etc. That's truly amazing for a soon to be 3.5 year old kid. Another plus point is that mummy gets a break while she does her reading all by herself. 

That being said, she may be the studious type but not the creative one. Maybe we should engage her into more art & craft activities and imaginative play to bring out her creativity rather than being a book worm all the time. I definitely don't want a nerdy daughter. >.<

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