Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ziyi is down with fever

Viral attack! The hubs got it first, then Ziyi's turn now. She had mild fever on Sunday and a full blown fever attack on Monday morning.

  • Her temperature was hovering between 37.5 - 39.4 on Monday & Tuesday. 
  • Didn't bring her to the doctor, self treating her for at least 3 days, and if fever is still high, then only decide to bring her to the doctor's clinic.
  • I administered her with Paracetamol & Nurofen, alternating them at 3 hourly interval.
  • Fed her with meehoon soup with fishball, plain porridge and plain bread. Lots of fluids - plain water, barley water and coconut water.
  • Sponge her with wet towel whenever her temp shoots up.
  • She was bored with her choices of food, and asking for bananas on Tuesday! I had to go all over our neighborhood in the morning to look for banana. After a few rounds & stops, finally found a shop selling decent looking bananas! Why can't they open a decent fruits shop in this area???
  • Her temperature went down on Tuesday night, but decided to let her rest another day before sending her to kindy on Thursday.
  • Today (3rd day), she stayed home and ate bread with butter and plain porridge. 

This is the first time I didn't rush her to the doc's clinic for falling sick with high temperature. She's very prone to throat infection which leads to high fever. I'm glad this time I was able to control her temperature well and hope to send her to kindy tomorrow again.

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