Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cuti Cuti Klang Valley

We spent a few days holidaying in Klang Valley during the final week of 2011. That was because my cousin's family came up to KL for a short holiday. It was a 3 days 2 nights stay at Royale Bintang KD. But hubby didn't join as he was unable to take leave. It was just me and Ziyi, and my cousin's family.  

We were supposed to bring the kids to Sunway Lagoon but too bad, the crowd and the queue at the ticketing counter put us off totally. So it turned out to be a shopping trip for us. However, we managed to bring the kids to play at the hotel's swimming pool though. 

The entrance of the suite.

Room with a double bed

The other room with a twin bed

Actually the so-called rooms were just separated by a partitioned door at the centre of the room.

The kids were the happiest in the room. Hopping, jumping, running and screaming in the room. Thank God we did not receive any complaints from other hotel guests. Can't wait to see them again during this coming CNY. 

Amongst all Ziyi's friends, she likes Nathan the most. Funny, she likes to play with boys! They played, laughed, fight and cried each time they see each other. Chaotic but happy to see them together :)

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