Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Update from Ziyi's Class Teacher

When we met up with Ziyi's class teacher, Teacher Kim, last month, she commented that Ziyi is a very obedient girl. I'm very surprised that she's labelled as an obedient child. However, I'm pretty sure she is much much more obedient in school than at home, gosh, she drives me up the wall almost everyday. 

Academic wise, she is doing very well in her class. I did not even  know that she has been appointed as the class monitor since beginning of the year. She has to help teacher to distribute books to the children according to their names, carry out whatever duties assigned to her and also to assist Teacher Kim to guide the other children to read (Bahasa and English). She is a precocious child when it comes to languages. I'm pretty impressed with her reading skills.

In short, Teacher Kim likes Ziyi very much and is satisfied with her performance in class. How I wish she is just as obedient whenever she's with me.

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