Monday, July 16, 2012

War between Ziyi & me!!

Yes, you heard me right! It ain't easy disciplining kids nowadays. I always tell myself to keep cool and not raise my hands on her, but all I can say is that it is easier said than done. 

Last night Ziyi refused to keep her toys away after playing with them and as usual, she gave plenty of excuses for not doing it. As stubborn as she is (wonder whose gene she inherited), she did not want to move her butt nor lift her finger even after a few threats from me for throwing them away into the bin. 

War begun when I started picking them up and dump into a plastic bag, she snatched the plastic from me, and me snatching it back from her. She wouldn't let me throw it nor would she want to pick them up! She screamed and wailed and me shouting back at her. The whole village of people in my house thought I was abusing and beating her up. 

Toys were flung everywhere in the room and it was really like a kiddy fight between me and her. LOL.
Finally she agreed to pick them up and apologized to me, and promised to clean up her toys in the future. Obviously, mummy always win when it comes to war like this. At least for now. 

She definitely is one fierce, stubborn and never say die girl. It's gonna be hard disciplining her. All the best to me!

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