Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A visit to the ENT Specialist

After weeks and months of complaining ear itchiness, we brought Ziyi to the ENT Specialist (Dr. Lim Wye Keat) on Saturday morning at Assunta Hospital. The queue was long, from registration to collecting medicine at the pharmacy. While waiting for our turn to see the doctor (almost 1.5 hours for 8 patients before us), we went for a quick bite at the cafe inside the hospital. The cafeteria food don't look appetizing to us, and Ziyi was asking to eat croissant, for the first time! So we settled for a clean and healthy looking cafe, ordered a large croissant for her and she ate 3/4 of it, she absolutely likes it.

When waiting for our turn at the waiting room, she happily sang all her favorite children songs and I had to keep reminding her to lower down her voice. LOL!

What surprised us further was her calmness and she was a brave kid when the doctor examined her. She even lifted up her dress to show the doctor her eczema patch on her thigh when she heard the doctor mentioned "eczema". Doc's diagnosis: Very dry ear wax, and this is mainly so if she has eczema. Her ear canal is dry and itchy, thus she is always bugging us to use the cotton bud on her. 

Doc has to clean her ear and don't recommend sedation as opposed to the other ENT at Columbia Asia (we totally had no faith in that doc and glad we went for this doc now). She lied down on my chest and I held her tight to assure her everything is going to be fine. Doc's procedure: Dropped ear drops (hydrogen peroxide), sucked using a long tool that acts like a vacuum cleaner, and remove the wax! 
Took about few minutes and my brave girl did not even move a wee bit. I'm so proud of her.

We were shocked to see that big piece of wax, which is dark brown and greyish in color. eeewww..

However, when we turned her for the other (right) ear, she started to refuse. I guess she was really tensed and scared during the procedure because her heart beats really fast. So doc gave me the ear drop, to be used for 2 weeks, and to come back in a month's time for her right ear. Although we were a bit disappointed that we couldn't continue with her right ear, but we were very glad at least one ear was solved. Total damage: RM179. Pretty alright, given the professionalism and expertise of Dr Lim, and not to mention our confidence in him handling our precious one.

I must say I'm actually a little upset that her eczema is affecting both her ear canals and it must be very uncomfortable for her. Must source for something to apply / drop in order to relieve her.

No pics were taken at the hospital. 
This picture here was taken on her 4th Birthdate together with one of her good friends. 

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