Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In search of enrichment centres / tuition centres, whatever you call it..

I went through the hassle of searching a kindy cum daycare for Ziyi when she 2 yo and 2.5 yo (after her first kindy closed down). It was not an easy process at that time but we finally settled her with one very near to my house. There were some dissatisfaction with the kindy but I can still close one eye and not be too fussy about it, since Ziyi is happy going to the kindy.

Now at 4 yo, I strongly feel that it's time for her to attend some classes besides her usual kindy hours. There are so many so-called enrichment centres mushrooming near my neighbourhood but I have not taken the initiative to visit / survey any of them yet. There are academic ones, dance classes, arts & crafts, etc etc. But I can't afford to send Ziyi to all of them though I wish I could. It would be too taxing on her and also on our pockets!

I'm going to start her off with only 1 for now. But what? Should I send her to Mandarin classes, or Robotix, or Enopi Maths or...? I seriously have no clue. >_<

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