Thursday, August 19, 2010

1.5month in daycare

ziyi has been attending daycare since July 1st and she's been there for almost 1.5 months. the hubs used to send her every morning but lately she refused to follow daddy. haihh, i will have to send her every morning instead. she no longer cries when i drop her off but will still refuse to enter the kindy. this morning when teacher Diana was carrying her, i called out to her to tell her goodbye, her expression changed a bit. for a minute, i thought she was going to cry and miss mummy. oh boy was i so wrong! she pointed to the playground and told her teacher she wanted to go to the playground! haiya, i perasan pulak, she didn't even took a glimpse of me when i went off. she's grown a little more mature and i'm so proud of her now.

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