Tuesday, August 24, 2010

waving her bye-bye to mummy

finally, ziyi has stopped crying in the morning when i drop her off in school. yesterday morning was the very first time she waved bye-bye to me. i was the one who felt sad instead.. hahaha... i hope she enjoys herself with all the activities along with her little friends.

on a side note, ziyi complained of having pain in her bum bum last night. upon checking her down under, i found out her anus area was inflammed. she refused to allow me touching her down under. i was worried sick, thinking whether it's just a common nappy rash or was it the abuse/sexual abuse by maid that has been regularly reported in the news. i  kept probing her but she is just too young to be able to tell what had happened in school. i sounded this to her teacher this morning but her reply was not satisfactory. looks like i will have to talk to her again this evening.

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