Sunday, August 22, 2010

sexy bikini girl

ziyi received this pool (is it called ring pool?) from her piu yee on her 2nd birthday. we have not set it up for her to play yet as she has been falling ill frequently ever since she started her kindy. last week she has been well for a week and so we decided to let her play with water. hubby set the pool at our porch and she was the happiest kid on earth. her grandpa taught her to say "swimming pool" and she could pronounce it accurately. 

i left her to play in her pool with hubby keeping an eye on her while i went on to cook our lunch. the weather was just nice that day. she played for about 1.5 hours and still refused to come out. i had a hard time coaxing her. we'll try to let her play in the pool maybe once a month and hopefully there will be other little friends to come over and join her. 

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