Thursday, August 19, 2010

hep A jab at 25.5 months old

finally, we managed to find a suitable time to bring ziyi for her supposedly 2 years old jab. she's been falling ill frequently ever since attending kindy. last saturday we quickly sent her to her doc when she was well and active. as usual, it was a real struggle between the doc, me and my little monster. this time i made daddy carried her instead as she's so much stronger to rebel now. at 25.5 months old, she weighs a pathetic 11.6kg (average) and her height is 88cm (above average). nevertheless, i find her very heavy and my arms ache each time i carry her, even her grandpa complains too.  ohh, the jab cost us rm120.00. i wonder if it's going to cost the same if the jab was taken at a GP office instead. hmm...

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