Wednesday, December 15, 2010

every parents nightmare: a DIFFICULT CHILD

here's a little run through on why i'd label my daughter a difficult child...

when i was pregnant with ziyi in 2008, i had to suffer for 1 whole month during the 1st trimester. people will usually say about morning / evening sickness, but in my case, it was a whole day sickness! i'd vomit after each meal. even when i was driving, i had to get ready a plastic bag with me. so it was considered a bad pregnancy experience for me. later when it was almost time for labour, my gynae found out that ziyi was still in breach position. i had no choice but to schedule for a cesarean section. 

i had a confinement lady to help me out during the first month after my delivery. ziyi was a 80% breastfed baby at that time and as far as i can recall, she was doing pretty well in the 1st month of her life. when the confinement aunty left after ziyi's fullmoon, my nightmare begun. ziyi had been crying everyday, during bath time, naptime, sleeptime, almost everytime! old folks used to say some babies would cry for the 1st 100 days of their life. very true indeed, but she extended hers to almost 4 months! she was slightly easier at about 5 months old.

ziyi @ 2 months old

i even had to become a full-time cow supplying her with milk as she refused to drink from the bottle when she was 1.5 months old. it was until later at about 8.5 months old that i found out that she didn't like the Avent's teat. i bought her Dr. Browns bottle and she was more receptive to it since the teat is so much softer compared to Avent  *fussy little ziyi*

next on the list was her solid food problem. ziyi never like eating her food until this day! i had to resort to using my laptop (for youtube) or the TV for her cartoons in order to coax her into eating her meals (at 8 months old). meal time has always been stressful for me.

ziyi @ 6 months old

ziyi, being a girl by gender, has a very boyish character and behaviour. she's very hyperactive, doesn't really like to sleep and very temperamental. i will be using the cane almost everyday in order to tame and discipline her. oh, did i mention she is also very demanding? she sticks to me like a super glue and wants my attention all the time. i must do everything for her, she doesn't want her father, grandparents, or anyone else except me! 

how to have a 2nd child when 1 child is already enough to exhaust me???

ziyi @ 2.4 years old... naughty girl

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