Monday, December 27, 2010

kindy scouting....AGAIN

yes, i was scouting for a kindy for ziyi exactly 6 months ago and now here i am, on a hunting mission again. that's because her current kindy is closing down, the owner is having some financial problem, so i heard.

it's really difficult to decide on which kindy to send her as there are not many options available in the area that we live in. there are a few good ones but they are not too willing to accept her as she's not potty-trained! mean eh...

hmm, i found one near to my house but the owner wants to confirm with the teachers if they are willing to wash and change ziyi's diapers as they do not have any maids/helpers around. i kind of like this kindy as it's new and reputable and most of all, it's the nearest to my house.

well, i still have 1 week to go before enrolling her into a new kindy. i really pity ziyi, she has to adjust and fit into a new environment and start making new friends again. hope it will not be difficult this time.

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